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Broadcasting Services Act, 2001
April 04, 2001

See the Broadcasting Services Amendment Act, 2007

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AN ACT to provide for the functions, powers and duties of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe; to provide for the constitution of the Authority; to provide for the planning, management, allocation, regulation and protection of the broadcasting frequency spectrum and the regulation and licensing of broadcasting services and systems; to provide for programme standards; to regulate and license signal carriers; to encourage and develop the creative arts through broadcasting content standards; to create a sense of national identity through broadcasting services; to create a Broadcasting Fund to help finance local broadcasting and for related purposes; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.

ENACTED by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe.


1. Title.
2. Interpretation.

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

3. Establishment and functions of Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.
4. Appointment and composition of Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board.
5. Financial and miscellaneous provisions relating to Authority.

Licensing of Broadcasting Services and Systems

6. Licensing authority.
7. Broadcasting and signal carrier licences.
8. Persons disqualified to be licensed.
9. Restrictions in relation to the issue of certain licences.
10. Application for licence.
11. Terms and conditions of licence.
12. Form and period of validity of licence.
13. Register of licences.
14. Renewal of licence.
15. Amendment of licence.
16. Suspension and cancellation of licences.
17. Licensee to inform Authority of changes.
18. Transfer of licences prohibited.

Limitation of Control

19. Limitation of cross-ownership between broadcasters, signal carrier licensees, newspapers, telecommunications licensees and advertising agents.
20. Political parties and organisations not to control broadcasting services.
21. Limitation on control of commercial radio and television broadcasting licences.
22. Limitations on directorships.
23. Licensees to notify Authority of directors and persons controlling the licensee.

Codes of Conduct and Programme Standards

24. Development of codes of conduct.
25. Minister may require Authority to determine programme standards in certain cases.

Approval of Type, Installation and Sites and Signal Transmitting Stations and Allocation of Broadcasting Service Bands

26. Approval of type, installation and sites of signal transmitting stations and allocation of broadcasting service bands.
27. Unauthorised possession, establishment, operation of signal transmitting stations, etc., prohibited.

Broadcasting Fund

28. Interpretation in Part VII.
29. Establishment and vesting of Broadcasting Fund.
30. Objects of Fund.
31. Moneys of Fund.
32. Levies.
33. Holding of Fund.
34. Financial year of Fund.
35. Accounts and audit of Fund.

Application of Act to Public Broadcaster

36. Application of Act to public broadcasters.
37. Licensing of public broadcasters.
38. Allocation of frequencies to Broadcasting Corporation.


39. Public service obligations of licensees.
40. Complaint procedure of licensees.
41. Broadcasting licensees to keep records of programmes.
42. Inspections.
43. Appeals.
44. Approval of tariffs by Authority.
45. Exemption from liability for Authority.
46. Regulatory powers of Minister.
47. Savings and transitional provisions.
48. Amendment of Cap 12:01 and Cap 12:05.

FIRST SCHEDULE: Planning of Broadcasting Service Bands.
SECOND SCHEDULE: Ancillary Powers of Authority.
THIRD SCHEDULE: Provisions Applicable to Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board.
FOURTH SCHEDULE: Financial and Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Authority.
FIFTH SCHEDULE: Standard Conditions of Licences.
SIXTH SCHEDULE: Local Content Conditions.

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