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  • Understanding the Draft Constitution
    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)
    February 2013

    Download these documents
    - No. 1: The New Constitution-Making Process in Zimbabwe - Acrobat PDF version (589KB
    - No. 2: Preamble, Founding Provisions, National Objectives and Citizenship (Chapters 1- 3) - Acrobat PDF version (587KB
    - No. 3: The Declaration of Rights (Chapter 4) - Acrobat PDF version (629KB
    - No. 4: The Three Arms of Government - Executive, Legislature and Judiciary - Acrobat PDF version (625KB
    - No. 5: Elections (Chapter 7) - Acrobat PDF version (602KB
    - No. 6: Independent Commissions Supporting Democracy (Chapter 12) - Acrobat PDF version (621KB
    - No. 7: Local and Provincial Government (Chapter 14) - Acrobat PDF version (599KB
    - No. 8: Traditional Leaders - Acrobat PDF version (587KB
    If you do not have the free Acrobat reader on your computer, download it from the Adobe website by clicking here.

    A series of leaflets to inform you of the contents of the Final Draft Constitution

    No. 1: The New Constitution-Making Process in Zimbabwe

    What is a Constitution?

    • It is the most important law in any nation.
    • It is a law which states who shall govern us and how they shall govern. It includes our rights as citizens.
    • It overrules any other law which contradicts it.
    • It overrules any action by any part of Government which contradicts it.
    • Anything which is contrary to the constitutional provisions is of no force or effect.

    The Current Constitution

    The current Constitution we have in Zimbabwe was drawn up in 1979 at the Lancaster House Conference, which resulted in our independence. Since that time it has been amended nineteen times.

    There are various ways in which any country might be governed. In Zimbabwe, since 1980, we have always said that we want to be democratic. That means that:

    • Government must be elected by the people.
    • The Constitution must provide ways to control those who are elected, so that they do not misuse their powers to rule.
    • Human rights of people must be guaranteed in the Constitution.

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