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  • Update into the outreach exercise in the Bindura district
    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)
    September 16, 2010

    Venue Males Female Total
    Rutope Clinic 250 150 400
    Simoona Primary School 220 80 300
    Chikaura Farm 22 78 100
      492 308 800

    The Process

    The team exhibited a good attitude. People were encouraged to express their views freely although all three meetings took such a long time that by the end people were no longer participating.

    Issues Raised

    • Bill of Rights - The communities managed to list all the first generation rights as well as socio-economic rights. Women also stated that their rights are important and should not be left out.
    • Land - The majority of participants opposed the idea of title deeds to land but supported 99 year leases. Rutope community suggested there should be a land audit as a matter of urgency to look into the issue of farm sizes and maximum of one farm per family, not per individual. Women also added that they had a right to land and recommended half-share of land on divorce.
    • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers - The general view was that there should be devolution of power and only two Presidential terms of 5 years each. At Simoona they suggested the abolishment of Prime Minister's post for purposes of saving funds. It was suggested that the age limit for one to be President should be between 40 and 70 years. The Chikaura and Simoona communities were of the view that the President should appoint judges while Rutope insisted that Parliament should take that responsibility.
    • War Veterans - War veterans from these areas were of the opinion that their allowances should be increased and be extended to war collaborators and detainees. Some of them suggested a war veterans' day to be observed every year.
    • Appointment of Commissions -There were suggestions that Parliament should interview all candidates for the different commissions and consider their qualifications as part of the selection process.

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