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  • Statement on Jonathan Moyo's verbal attack on the President of the Law Society
    Trustees of the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)
    April 19, 2002

    The Trustees of the Legal Resources Foundation are appalled by the abusive and intemperate attack on the President of the Law Society, Mr Sternford Moyo, by the unelected Minister of State for Information and Publicity, Minister Jonathan Moyo. The Minister’s unfortunate tendency to viciously denigrate statements with which he disagrees, has become commonplace.

    The Minister advocates that the Law Society’s enabling statute should be reviewed urgently by Parliament to ensure that it is not compromised by certain named parties. This is his reaction to the observation by the President of Law Society, at the recent Annual General Meeting, that the Society had "seen a number of judgements which have caused us some anxiety " and "we have observed a significant departure from the culture of upholding the Bill of Rights in the Supreme Court." Indeed it must be said that society in general has observed this same alarming trend of late.

    The Law Society is governed by the Legal Practitioners Act [Chapter 27 : 07]. Section 53 deals with the objects and powers of the Law Society, among which are "to represent the views of the legal profession and to maintain its integrity and stature". [S53 (b)]

    In expressing his concern, the President of the Law Society was not contributing to any attempt to "dilute, if not destroy, Zimbabwe’s sovereignty" but was upholding the mandate of the Society. He was also reflecting the views of a large number of legal practitioners in Zimbabwe.

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