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  • The wheels of injustice turn... As state arrests Chibhebhe, Nyandoro and others
    Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
    September 13, 2006

    The Zimbabwe National Students Union witnessed with outrage the unbridled and barbarously wanton violation of human rights and freedoms in Zimbabwe. This come after the police banditry attacked the Secretary General of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) and Zimbabwe National Students Union Programmes Officer, Benjamin Nyandoro together with other multitudes of human rights defenders during the protest against the economic meltdown, low wages and salaries among other critical socio-economic fundamentals negatively affecting our daily livelihood.

    It is common knowledge that most workers are living in abject and chronic poverty and they have been reduced to objects of ridicule, unfortunately by an illegitimate and vampire regime. Commonsense has been brutally murdered and idiocy is now rampaging with impunity. The current government has been hi-jacked by a phalanx of crocodile liberators and a gang of unrepentant 16th century dictators. The beating up and unwarranted arrests of Chibhebhe, Nyandoro and others is a sure sign that terms like poverty datum line and rising cost of living have been bastardized, perverted and criminalized in Zimbabwe.

    The quack revolutionaries continued use of unemployed youth militias as canon fodder to oppress and suppress innocent people must be condemned. This failed state has rebelled against its people, workers and students included and the people must do the same. Our parents are getting peanuts shells and unemployment is hovering above 80% of the economically active age group whilst school fees continue to skyrocket every term. The government has abandoned its duty and violated the social contract and the most honourable thing for them to do is to go. Historically, regimes that continued with repression were swept away by a democratic storm, and there is no valid reason why the rogue regime in Zimbabwe should escape a similar fate. Time is on the side of the truth and in the fullness of time democracy will return to this country, for nothing is permanent except change.

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