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Inzwa listener survey
Fungai Machirori,
October 2009

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Executive Summary

With the use of mobile phones for advocacy becoming a fast-growing phenomenon in human rights work around the world, the Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe implemented a 3-month pilot project named Inzwa (Listen!). The guiding question behind the project was:

What role can mobile telephony play in information sharing and awareness raising in Zimbabwe?

This report serves as a baseline of findings about listeners' responses to the project.

The first chapter introduces Inzwa as well as the objectives of the study, while Chapter 2 contextualises the significance of mobile phone communication in Zimbabwe against the backdrop of the nations' political and economic history and recent political developments. It also highlights the media bias, due to political polarity, that is inherent within the news media industry.

Chapter 3 sets out the methodology used to conduct the survey while also highlighting the shortcomings of the methods used to gather data.

In Chapter 4, both quantitative and qualitative findings are shared and discussed as a general picture of Inzwa's audience is drawn.

From listeners' comments and suggestions, a set of recommendations is set out in Chapter 5. These will help to guide future formats of Inzwa.

The evidence gathered during this survey indicates that mobile telephony can indeed play a significant role in information sharing and awareness raising for a more vibrant and conscious Zimbabwe.

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