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  • Inzwa Weekly Audio Magazine: August 25 - 31, 2009
    August 25, 2009

    Fresh discusses threats of a renewed cholera outbreak, the state of Zimbabwe's inclusive government, local government and service delivery, police roadblocks and transitional justice.
      Cholera outbreak - When, not if - Read more from IRIN News

    "With the formation of the inclusive government, it now has both feet inside compared to the MDC's single locomotion appendage within. It does not take fertile imagination to visualise the outcome of a contest between an amputee and an able bodied athlete."

    - Read Whither Zimbabwe's Inclusive Government by Wilfred Mhanda


    "Roads are flowered by pot holes; street and traffic lights are not working and they have not been maintained; piles of garbage are littered at most street corners in the residential areas and shopping centers; raw sewerage is still a dreaded neighbor in most high density areas."

    - Read Residents irked by Mayor's defensive statements on purchase Mercedes from CHRA

      Zimbabweans want the opportunity to talk about their past. They want to talk about political violence. And they need a platform to do so.

    - Read Taking Transitional Justice to the People from Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
      Read Inside/Out with singer, song writer, and passionate performer Viomak
      Kuwadzana runs dry - Read more from Community Radio Harare
    Doorway to Chibhanzi features three job vacancies, a funding scheme for human rights organisations, financial support for art and culture organisations and a prize for contributions to the environment.
      Read more about these opportunities
    Get unleashed stars the shaina man himself, Urban Grooves artist Alexio Kawara

    Read our interview with Alexio Kawara


    Read Inside/Out with Alexio Kawara

    Everyday heroes features Hilton Zvidzayi and the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ)
      Read the full interview with Hilton Zvidzayi
      Read Inside/Out with Hilton Zvidzayi

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