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ZPP Monthly Monitor – February 2013
Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP)
May 03, 2013

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Executive summary

The month under review saw the government and President Robert Mugabe proclaiming the date for the constitutional referendum March 16, 2013. The proclamation set the stage for political parties in the inclusive government to campaign for a “yes” vote. Although the move did not see any significant movement in the number of cases of politically motivated violence, a number of political meetings were reportedly banned raising tensions across the country.

On the legal front the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) led by Professor Lovemore Madhuku challenged the referendum date arguing that the date would not give enough time for other political actors to campaign and let alone for the public to be able to access the draft constitution.

The month under review saw an escalation of the Zimbabwean state’s campaign against pro-democracy and human rights organisations with a series of office raids followed by confiscation of documents and arrests.

The death of twelve year old Simbarashe Christpowers Maisiri in a suspected politically motivated arson attack on 23 February in Headlands reminded Zimbabweans that the nation still needs to be exorcised of the ghost of political violence despite public pleas for peace and political tolerance from political party leaders.

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