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  • Cynthia Manjoro out on bail
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    October 15, 2012

    High Court judge presiding over the case of 29 unconfirmed MDC supporters and Glenview residents accused of murdering a police officer, today granted bail to one suspect, Cynthia Manjoro.

    She is the National Programme Coordinator for ZimRights. The grant was premised on changes of circumstances. Surprisingly it was given by the same judge who dismissed the application several times on various grounds. He activated the application himself suggesting that from what transpired in yesterday's court session, there was need for revisiting the bail application issue. This followed a testimony by one state witness Stephen Manjoro who yesterday revealed that Cynthia Manjoro was only being held as bait until the arrest of Darlington Madzonga, who is said to have been using her car on the day the alleged offence was committed. Stephen is a brother to Cynthia.

    That has been Cynthia's statement from the beginning and it was disheartening that the mother of two was languishing in jail while the one to answer questions was roaming streets of Harare scot-free. What finally happened are steps towards what Zimbabweans have been clamouring for i.e. justice. We respect the judge for finally reasoning from the majority's point of view. We however demand total independence of the accused persons. Inspector Mutedza died in May last year. The accused persons have once been on bail but were taken back through indictment in March this year.

    Meanwhile, the social media networks such as facebook and twitter have fallen victims to her sympathizers who have turned to them as medium of sharing information and feelings. Some of the extracts claim that the release is a result of the defence lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwas' emotions who shed tears in court yesterday. Another one reads, "It is still long tunnel for her final justice but the light is beginning to flicker in the tunnel".

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