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ZANU PF thuggery continues in several parts of the country
Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
August 01, 2011

Last week the house of an MDC activist was burnt down by known ZANU PF members (SW Radio Africa News - 29 July 2011) The home of Marjorie Chikwasha, an MDC activist in Ward 12 Nyanga South, Manicaland province was burnt on Tuesday night. Chikwasha lost three bags of fertiliser, two 50 kg bags of maize and kitchen utensils. She made a report at Nyanga Police Station but no arrests have been made.

This is the second attack on MDC members in less than a week. On Sunday night, in Chiredzi West; Tawanda Imbayago's house, the MDC secretary for Ward 28, was burnt down by known ZANU PF arsonists. A report was also made at Chiredzi Police station but again no arrests have been made although the culprits have been identified.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF activists are unfazed by the commotion they caused during the public hearing on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill as was shown by Emma Machingura one of the hooligans' unusual visit to the Newsday crew. Emma Machingura - who was splashed on the front page of NewsDay last week as one of the party's supporters who besieged Paliament building and disrupted the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill public hearings - stormed NewsDay offices on Friday, denying she was violent and demanded a share of the papers' sales after her picture appeared in the paper. While the violence was a breach and violation of some of the key fundamental rights, ZANU PF has on the other hand pledged to defend the perpetrators of the aforementioned violence.

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