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One man march to promote anti corruption
Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
November 22, 2010

Human rights defender Silvanos Mudzvova will march by himself on Wednesday, from corner First Street and Nelson Mandela to the Parliament building, to push for all public office bearers to declare their assets before they get into office. An event seeking to reduce looting of public resources.

Mudzvova informed ZimRights today that he has already sent out letters to public offices requesting them to attend the march in support of the notion to declare all their assets. During the march Mudzvova will be dressed in plank cards, distributing fliers requesting public office holders to declare their assets. Targeted offices included the office of councilors, Members of Parliament, District Administrators and the President's office among others. He will hand in three petitions at Parliament.

One of the letters was written by the Youth for Development in Zimbabwe (YIDEZ) Director Sydney Chisi. In his petition he is requesting all Members of Parliament to declare their assets. Crisis Regional Coordinator, Dewa Mavhinga wrote two petitions, one addressed to the Co-Home Affairs, Hon Eric Matinenga. The Home Affairs petition has been addressed to Hon. Theresa Makone mainly because the civil society has previously written to the other Co-Minister Hon. Kembo Mohadi in 1996 and nothing was done about it. Deputy Minister of Justice Hon. Gutu has confirmed that he will be present at parliament to declare his assets, in support of the initiative.

Mudzvova revealed that unlike other demonstrations that have many people and which end up in violence, his one man march will have impact as he will distribute fliers to individuals on the road peacefully. This will also make the message be heard at a personal level.

This is expected to be the third one man march in the country. The first one was in Masvingo in protest of a scrupulous medical doctor, and the second one was done by James Maridadi in protest of legislators drinking in parliament.

Silvanos Mudzvova has been involved in human rights issues as an actor, producer and director with Vhitori Entertainment. The organization produces theatre on governance, human rights and democracy issues. Some of their productions include "Final Push" and the comedy "Madam Speaker Sir".

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