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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    Sept 16, 2010

    Reports of intimidation and harassment in Mancaland's Enyathi Mine have escalated after residents of Ward 8 and surrounding areas participated boldly at a COPAC outreach meeting held on the 13th of September.

    Zanu PF militia under the lead of a man called Dhodho are going around Ward 8 saying they want to cut off the heads of all the people who spoke against the Zanu PF teachings during the outreach meetings held on the 13th of September. Committees have been set up to compile the names of all the people who were bold enough to make contributions that disadvantaged Zanu PF interests.

    Many people were able to air their individual concerns during the outreach meetings because they had information on the constitutional issues. This area is one of the areas where ZimRights managed to do intensive civic education on the constitution. Human rights violations have been rampant in the area, and the area is infamous for the many rape cases that took place during the 2008 election violence. To date, only one man was arrested for some of the rape allegations and given 35 years in prison.

    Meanwhile, low participation has been noted in Matabeleland North, in Mguza District and participants' views indicate lack of civic education. A meeting held yesterday, 15 September at Mthombothemba Primary School was only attended by 45 people, with women constituting the greater part of the crowd. There were 31 women, 11 males and 3 youths. Some of the views given by women participants were that there should not be a land audit, but a one man one farm system should be put in place, and also that the president should have the power to elect governors, commissioners and ministers.

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