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  • Constitution bulletin day 66
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    September 15, 2010

    Although women are turning up for the constitution outreach meetings, they are not participating because of the cultural belief that women do not speak where men are gathered.

    In meetings held in Mola and Musambakaruma area, no woman participant made a contribution during the outreach meetings. As a result of the patriarchal community, there were no women's rights aired and the thematic area on women and gender had to be passed without any discussion or contribution.

    However, the views that were very popular in the district were the proposal for a new province called Zambezi Valley or Tongaland and under systems of government, most people are vying for a devolved state. The people were arguing that they have been marginalised for too long, thus, if they stand alone as a province they can take charge of their communities and also be recognised at a national level.

    The responses of the Kumula, Mola and Musambakaruma people generally indicated lack of civic education. Many of the thematic concerns had to go unanswered because the people did not understand them or how they affected them. Some of the areas that posed challenges are the founding principles, Independent Commissions, public finance and the Central Bank among other issues.

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