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Farm invading MP evicted, but warns he will return
Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
September 09, 2010

The rule of law finally prevailed in a farm invasion in Somabula after the procurement of two successive eviction orders.

MP Jabulani Mangena who was harassing, vandalising and doing other violent attacks against Philip and Ellen Hapelt on their Grasslands farm, claiming he has an offer letter entitling him to the property, has been evicted from the property. This did not go down well with the MP who threatened he would return to take over the Hapelt land.

Local police, who were meant to carry out the eviction, were refusing to do so fearing for their lives. However, the police and the Sheriff of the Court finally started eviction proceedings last Friday.

According to the Hapelt's daughter, Lauren, Mangena's farm manager was frantically trying to get the eviction halted the entire time, and eventually warned that he would be back.

The Hapelts many years ago had to give up the majority of their land under an agreement that would allow them to remain on their homestead with a small portion of farming land.

Meanwhile there are reports that about 2 000 people, including war veterans, members of MDC-T and MDC-99 formations from Gweru and the surrounding areas have occupied Christmas Gift Farm on the outskirts of the city. These farms are being said to have been lying idle for nearly a decade since its previous owner, a white commercial farmer.

ZimRights calls on all Zimbabweans to come up with land ownership views in the ongoing constitution making process that will curb illegal occupation of the same in a partisan manner, while finding development oriented mechanisms of land management as well as other natural resources.

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