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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    September 08, 2010

    One of the outreach teams facilitating consultation meetings in Mashonaland East had to abandon a meeting yesterday, 08 September, due to an intimidating prayer.

    The COPAC outreach team which was coordinating the public meeting at Nyamhondoro Primary School, in Mudzi District left the outreach meeting point, after a participant made a traditional prayer at the people's request that left many, including the outreach members uncomfortable. During the traditional petition to the spirit mediums, the man requested Mbuya Nehanda to take the lives of everyone who would speech against the views of the people from his side.

    After this prayer outreach members could see that the environment was tense and said they could no longer facilitate the meeting and they left. However, COPAC Liaison Officers went to the venue later to try and organise another meeting with the people today, but the people had already dispersed.

    Meanwhile there are reports that Gokwe Town and its surrounding areas in Midlands have reported a high youth turnout during the COPAC public meeting.

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