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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    September 03, 2010

    Intimidatory prayers from participants during outreach meetings are now increasing in consultation meetings. Mashonaland East teams today agreed that only team members may pray before a meeting.

    Mashonaland East Team 9 leader, Hon. Denga had to stop a participant from finishing one such prayer today. In the same area at Nyamayaruka Business Centre in Mudzi, a participant in his prayer went to the extent of wishing COPAC team members an accident on their way back because they are "serving the interests of white people in black skin", hence are sell outs.

    However, when the ten teams from the province met today, they agreed that they will do the prayers to reduce hostile meeting atmospheres.

    Meanwhile most meetings in Manicaland are going on well with a few disturbances. Most of the meetings are averaging between 150 and 200 participants. Some of the meetings that were disrupted yesterday, 01 September and today were at Zuwa weaving centre, Nyanga country club and Ruchera Primary School.

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