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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    August 31, 2010

    Voting for views raised by participants during COPAC meetings is reported to be presenting some challenges in Chegutu District, Masonaland West.

    The crowd of 172 that attended the meeting held at Takunda Primary School in Norton, under Chegutu District on 23 August protested to for a view saying they had not attended the meeting to vote but to air their views. Their argument being if they vote now, what will be the purpose of a referendum, and also that the process is intimidatory.

    Low participation of youths during meetings is still a major concern as the numbers are not increasing in the areas where consultations are underway. This has been attributed to lack of knowledge by the youth on the processes that are being carrie3d out and how they will impact the future. Consequently, there is need for civic education in those areas where COPAC has not reached so tat more people can participate from an informed perspective.

    During meetings, it has been noted that people contribute mainly to the issues that political parties are indoctrinating on such as presidential powers, acquisition of land and the role of parliament. When it comes to other thematic areas such as independent bodies which people have not been coached to speak on, participation becomes low, or people resort to saying it should remain like it is in the present constitution.

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