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  • Constitution bulletin day 56
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    August 30, 2010

    Constitution outreach meetings in Manicaland commenced today in Nyanga North, but only four teams went out for their meetings out of the ten teams due to some mobilising setbacks.

    This is the third time in two weeks that COPAC teams have failed to turn up for their scheduled meetings. There was no activity in the province last week on Thursday and Friday due to administrative problems and misunderstandings among COPAC team members. Although COPAC has been facing challenges in fulfilling their obligation, the people of Manicaland have remained undeterred as evidenced by the outstanding turnout for meetings.

    Some of the issues participants were open about include a limited presidential term of two, 5-year terms in office; an independent electoral commission and an independent human rights commission.

    Meanwhile, the Constitution Management Committee was scheduled to meet with one of its partner organisations today to discuss ways to raise the US$8 million supplementary budget for the 25 days added to the outreach programme.

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