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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    August 17, 2010

    Mashonaland West

    The outreach meetings held in Karoi urban, over the week end recorded low turnout.

    The meeting held at Pakarepaye Primary School, was attended by as few people as 57.

    It has generally been observed that consultation meetings in the urban areas are registering low turn out. This has been mostly attributed to the shortcoming on the mobilizing strategy. The district Administrators and the Provincial Administrators are not playing their mobilizing role adequately.

    In the rural areas of Karoi, most meetings have been changed from 10am to12 noon. This was done to cater for people who will be ferried from the nearby farms. It is also reported that there is an increase in the number of people who are being chased away from meetings in the province, because they are not residents from the area. Most people are being chased away after they air the views that go against the popular political doctrines.

    Another area of concern also noted in the province is the counting system being used to determine whether people strongly agree or disagree to a view raised, or in cases of divided opinion. In previous meetings, if anyone raised a view in opposition to a raised view then it was considered divided opinion, but an issue is only recorded under divided opinion if at least 30% of the people present at the meeting share a different view with the rest of the crowd. This strategy already excludes the views of the minority even before referendum.

    Mashonaland East

    A significant increase of youth participation was recorded in the province on Saturday, 14 August. From the crowd of 338 that gathered at Matena Business Center in Murewa, 125 were youths. From most meetings youths constituted less than a quarter of the group, but in this meeting they were over a third of the group.

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