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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 26, 2010

    Meetings held over the weekend in Mashonaland West and Matebeleland South recorded high levels of participation and turnout.

    One meeting held in Mashonaland West at Mufumamuto had approximately 300 attendees. Chikomba are, where COPAC is currently operating in Mashonaland West has been identified as having one of the most peaceful environments by the COPAC teams operating in the province.

    Meanwhile, an incident of intimidation has been reported in the Beatrice area, in the same province. An individual was arrested after a meeting on false charges off vandalism, after airing out independent views against ZANU PF's position, at the command of an army brigadier.

    Although Chikomba meetings recorded a high turnout, most of the responses still reflect mere parroting of political positions, which are mostly biased towards MDC, rather than individual views. A significant improvement also observed over the weekend is the increase in youth participation.

    Meanwhile in Matebeleland South a continued increase in participants is being reported. One meeting had a turnout as high as 380 people. Some of the issues, which were unanimously voted for, are freedom of participation, expression and association.

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