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  • Constitution bulletin day 24
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 26, 2010

    Binga residents in Matebeleland South have agreed through consensus that they want Nambya and Tonga to be taught in the education sector instead of Ndebele.

    The incorporation of the two vernacular languages has been a topical issue in most of the meetings that were held in the province, and other provinces have also voiced the need for recognition of all indigenous vernaculars in the new constitution.

    The meeting held in the area on Friday 23 July recorded a high attendance of about 200 people. The improvement has been attributed to COPAC's new mobilizing mechanism of going to announce a meeting in the respective communities by word of mouth a day in advance. The other contributing factor noted is wider information dissemination in the areas.

    Meanwhile, rehabilitation Technicians Association of Zimbabwe recently disclosed that they might have to opt for a no vote during the referendum if the disabled continue to be discriminated from participating in the ongoing constitution making process. Some logistical factors are leading to the sidelining of the differently abled, for instance, not all outreach teams have a team member to articulate the talking points in sign language and some of the chosen locations are unfriendly to the disabled. One of the se venues cited is in Matebeleland where a disabled member of the team was unable to participate because the meeting was held in the first floor of Governor Angeline Masuku's offices and it was impossible for him to get there.

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