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  • Constitution bulletin day 23
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 23, 2010

    Although most constitution public meetings are recording high numbers of participants, few people are participating their views. The few speaking out are merely echoing the same political prescriptions.

    In Mashonaland Central Zvimba, a large number of people are attending the public meetings. 565 people were recorded for the meeting held at Bicklevale Primary school, but youth participation remains low. From this large crowd, five individuals dominated the meetings. However, participants agreed that the youth age range be pegged between 16 and 35.

    The thematic area on the systems of the Government stirred controversy as people differed on the devolved and unitary systems.

    Meanwhile in Masvingo, there are reports that Team 5 operating in Mwenezi area is not going through all questions under a thematic area. An example noted in the thematic area of Arms of the State. Instead of asking all questions under the three different arms, they are only asking one question for each arm. Meetings held since Monday also recorded high attendance and low participation. At Maranda Business center, 400 people attended but only ten people aired their views.

    In Midlands, progress has been noted as views recorded are becoming more and more varied. This is a positive development, a sign of different minds contributing, which is one of the process's objectives, to gather various views from people. The aim of the outreach process is not to have a common vote for a certain political position, as is the case at most meetings, but to collect different opinions from Zimbabwe.

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