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  • Two days not enough; Harare/Bulawayo constitution outreach meetings
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 22, 2010

    Bulawayo residents have protested against the move by the Constitution parliamentary Committee (COPAC) to hold outreach meetings for a single day in Bulawayo.

    They cited this move as a deliberate action to deny residents of the province their right to participate in the constitution making process. COPAC Co-Chairperson, Mr. Edward Mkhosi recently announced that the postponed outreach meetings dated for Bulawayo and Harare will soon begin. Bulawayo meetings are to be carried out in a day, while Harare was scheduled for two days.

    Reports reveal that Bulawayo residents have denounced the move, citing that this limits their time to effectively discuss issues that they want included in the constitution. Every constituency is scheduled to hold three meetings. However not everyone will be able to attend on the still to be gazetted date.

    Bulawayo United Residents Association (BURA) Chairman, Mr. Winos Dube echoed the same sentiments, highlighting that the two provinces should be treated like all the other provinces. He added that it would be impossible for COPAC to a mechanism to capture all views in the limited days.

    Meanwhile COPAC Co-Chair person Mr. Douglas Mwonzora said that they are working on a proposal to host the COAPAC meetings on a weekend in the two provinces to cater for the working class and students. He added that suggestions are still welcome.

    Constitution outreaches in the two provinces had been postponed indefinitely because of the football World Cup that was running in South Africa. ZimRights calls for COPAC to formulate mechanisms that ensure the document produced in the end is not compromised by the need to meet deadlines. Both the content and process must be people driven.

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