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  • Constitution bulletin day 22
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 21, 2010

    A press conference held at the COPAC offices today revealed that COPAC co-chairs will be visiting Matebeleland South and North Province to investigate the reasons behind the low participation in the provinces.

    From the figures provided by COPAC dated to the 10th of July, before the week long break Matebeleland North had the lowest attendance of 6 205 followed by Matebeleland South with 8 379, while other provinces are ranging from 15000 to over 30 000. Mashonaland recorded the highest of 30495.

    However for all the provinces, youth participation is still a matter of concern. While youths constitute 70% of the country's population, their participation is less than 50% of the total. COPAC Co-Chair honorable Paul Mangwana has requested assistance from civil organizations through embarking on civic education that encourages youth participation in the constitution making process. Reasons for the low participation have not yet been established, but some youths have requested COPAC to organize meetings at institutions that most youths are found such as colleges and universities.

    Meanwhile COAPC has revealed that meetings are running smoothly no factual reports of violence have been presented to them. Honorable Mangwana emphasized that those who witness or experience any form of violence or disruption should try all means possible to gather as many facts as possible such as the exact location of the incident, time, date and if possible names of people involved or affected.

    Although COPAC has reported smooth running of the outreach program, some civic educators present at the Press conference cited ignorance of observer identity in some team leaders. They were chased away from a public meeting because their observer cards did not have pictures. Honorable Mangwana however promised to communicate the identity of observer cards to all team members to avoid future disappointment.

    Another request made to COPAC at the meeting is the immediate setting up of a facility where people give their views for the new constitution either by word of mouth or in writing at any time of the day.

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