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  • Constitution bulletin day 18
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 09, 2010

    As the constitution consultation process continues, indicators seem to be pointing to a dictatorial type of a new constitution.

    Intimidation and harassment reports of participants are increasing by the day. Constitution meetings in Manicaland are dogged by high level intimidation and hesitant participation. This has been recorded in the Mutasa and Dangamvura area where the outreach teams are currently operating in. This low participation has been attributed to the intimidation and prescribed responses. People are being urged to come in their numbers and ululate and applaud whenever a ZANU PF representative speaks, even when they are not in agreement with the contribution. Even cameras are being used as intimidation tools with the threat that these cameras will be used to identify all the people who were not complying with ZANU PF orders so that they can be disciplined. Those who are brave enough to speak are being followed up to be assaulted after COPAC has left.

    Topical issues being preached from the ZANU PF prescriptions include that only individuals with strong liberation struggle history will be eligible to contest as presidential candidates, and that in the absence of the president the army general takes over the presidential office.

    However the ordinary people want clear separation of executive powers, a limited presidential term, an empowered parliament and a non partisanship of war veterans as they fought for the country's independence and not for a political party's interest.

    Meanwhile the three ZZZICOMP constitution monitors were this afternoon ruled not guilty by the court. The three are Paul Nechishanu, Artwel Katandika and Shingirayi Garira. Their lawyer from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Blessing Nyamaropa confirmed this.

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