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  • Politics turn brother against brother
    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 08, 2010

    Brother turned against brother following brawl that erupted during a constitution outreach meeting in Chikomba.

    MDC T supporter in Chikomba Kemson Chikasha of Sadza district lost some of his teeth for speaking out his view during the meeting. Chikasha was attacked by his brother, a headman and a staunch ZANU PF supporter for going for going against ZANU PF command that only indoctrinated selected persons could speak out during the COAPC facilitated meeting.

    Reports of violence have become rampant since the beginning of the outreach meetings. In areas like Shamva in Mashonaland Central, the participating environment is tense and the answers prescribed. People are not at liberty to air out their views and what they would want included in the new constitution.

    ZimRights's member in ward 10 in Shamva has reported that at every meeting, eight people are deployed, comprising two CIOs and six Border Gezi trained youths for intimidation. These individuals are contributing the same answers to popularize ZANU PF ideology, shadowing other voices. The presence of the state agents instills fear amongst the people, taking them back to the dreadful experiences of the 2008 election violence. As a result, people have become reluctant to participate. However some individuals are braving up and airing out their views despite all the intimidation.

    The situation n Zimbabwe leaves a lot to be desired. While some are making great efforts in coming up with a people driven constitution, others waste resources and efforts on intimidation and disrupting the process. ZimRights denounces those who seek to manipulate the process for their own selfish interests. A constitution cannot be created based on individual or party motives. It is a law that should govern Zimbabweans, who are living today and those to be born in future generations.

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