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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 05, 2010

    ZimRights visits the Zaka ward 30 and 32 revealed that politicians have resorted to intimidation to safeguard their own interests while suppressing the voice of the people.

    Over the weekend ZimRights officers in Masvingo attended community meetings in Ndoro and Machiva villages. This was in response to allegations by a local councilor Mutava that chiefs and councilors of ward 30 and 32 respectively were castigating ZimRights members from participating in the constitution public consultation meetings to be held soon.

    Ward 30 held its meeting at Dambwa school while ward 32 had its meeting at Chatora Business center.

    During mobilization people of ward 30 were told that the main agenda of the meeting would be to discuss electrification of their area and other rural areas. This was however discussed for a short time before the facilitators of the meeting plunged into the constitution talking points. As the talking points were read out the people were indoctrinated on the 'correct' responses. Some of the responses they were forced to say when COPAC comes were to denounce the post of the prime minister and dual citizenship. Time ran out before the facilitators could finish the indoctrination. The conclusion was that they would elect a few people whom they would give the remaining points and the answers they should use.

    Machiva villages were also mobilized to attend a meeting of a similar nature under the guise of discussing school fees, which was only discussed in passing. Present at the meeting was the MDC councilor for ward 32 Mr. Mutava who had called for the meeting, ZANU PF shadow-councilor and several headmen under the Dzoro chieftainship. Although having been the one to call for the meeting, Mutawa was prevented from saying anything by Chiromo and Khuza Cosmas of ZANU PF.

    ZimRights condemns the continued intimidation by political loyalists serving their interests at the expense of the people's rights. The constitution making process is meant to empower Zimbabweans and not individuals or political parties. Every Zimbabwean has the right to participate without interference from any other person. These ZANU PF loyalists should put their interests and differences aside and also participate as Zimbabwean citizens.

    Visit the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) fact sheet

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