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    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
    July 05, 2010

    Although a low attendance of about 100 people was recorded at a COPAC facilitated meeting in Hwange a lot of information was gathered by the outreach team because of the highly active participation.

    Reports from Mpumalanga in Matebeleland North reveal a high rate of participation, which has been attributed to a free environment. Key issues at the meeting were devolution of power to provincial offices, a maximum of two five year terms for the president's office, the election of governors and the change of the word disabled to different abled. They also added that natural resources should benefit locals and community radio stations should be established for every tribe.

    Meanwhile intimidation continues in the Zvimba area, Mashonaland West. Reports of people presumed to be members of the CIO attending the consultation meetings and shadowing the voices of the residents during the participation have also been confirmed at a meeting held at Madzima Primary School today. Cars without numberplates have been seen following around outreach teams and the unofficial roadblock that has been set in Murombedzi. Any motorist who wants to go beyond Murombedzi center has to explain where they are going and why.

    Such intimidation and unwarranted behaviour by the secret state security is detrimental to the people of Zimbabwe as it defies the whole purpose and effort to build a democratic Zimbabwe. The writing of a constitution is every citizen's right and this right should not be violated by anyone, Instead of wasting resources towards antagonizing the process, the state security should join the rest of Zimbabweans and channel theses resources towards everyone's benefit to come up with a people driven constitution.

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