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Harassment of ZimRights continues
Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
June 29, 2010

Harassment of members continues at the behest of the Attorney General, Johhannes Tomana who has commanded prosecution of Masvingo Regional Chair, Joel Hita.

Hita's lawyer Blessing Nyamaropa of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has been notified by Masvingo area public prosecutor only identified as Shumba that the AG has given the go ahead with the prosecution of Mr. Hita. Police will continue to hold ZimRights photos since according to them they use them as exhibits during the trial.

Mr. Hita was arrested on the 27th of April this year just before ZimRights pictorial launch in Masvingo and charged for allegedly holding a public meeting without police clearance.

When Mr. Hita was arrested in April, ZimRights photos were also confiscated but he was release a day later. In as much as the police initially wanted to charge Mr. Hita, they later preferred charges against the organization. After review the state turned back and proceeded to press charges against Mr. Hita and the docket was referred to the Attorney General for advice. The docket has since been returned to Masvingo for prosecution, and opened for Hita, and then was taken to the Attorney General o give his judgement of the way forward.

ZimRights condemns continued harassment of human rights activists in their line of duty and the selective application of repressive laws in the country. It is our hope that the creation of a new constitution will enable the country to repeal all repressive legislation, which has been used with impunity against those working for the achievement of true democracy in the country. ZimRights will rally behind Hita and will see to it that justice is attained. Repressive laws like POSA continue to haunt Zimbabweans and as an organization we will continue to advocate against such practice which deprive individuals of their right to freedom of assembly among other rights violations.

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