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An independent Zimbabwe
Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR)
April 20, 2010

Mbuya Pamgaimbe was the only person who remained behind in Charunda village among the supporters of the MDC who were threatened by a surge of violence by rowdy ardent self appeasing ZANU Pf party supporters. In her own words she felt that, "chinouya chinondiwana ndiripano" for obvious reasons related to the issue of mobility as the fleeing group was forced to walk for more than 84 kilometers at night in the dark in the mountainous magnificent terrain of Muzarabani.

She is the classic representation of the biblical mother carrying two generations that are at war with each other. Only fate knows if she will live to see the second deliverance of Zimbabwe from the dormant chains of oppression from dictatorial rule. First she endured the suffering and sacrifice thrust upon the nation during the liberation struggle from colonial rule from the British government and now she is being subjected to incessant abuse and denial of her fundamental human rights by intransigent forces against democracy.

Mbuya Pangaimbe cannot bring herself to account for the paranoid changes that her naked eyes have seen in her 30 years troubled journey, witnessing the once celebrated, cherished guerrilla fighters/ heroes becoming ruthless and brutal villains pouncing at their own siblings.

The definition and meaning of an Independent Zimbabwe has over the years been circumvented, suppressed, muddled, misrepresented, manipulated, personalized, monopolized, turned into a fuss and a myth. In the backdrop of what is transpiring today, in an independent Zimbabwe everyone should leave in peace with full protection from the state without fear of the unknown.

  • In an independent Zimbabwe, everyone should be free to choose a political party of their choice without fear of reproach or persecution.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe everyone should be equal before the law regardless of tribe, race, ethnicity or political creed.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe access to health care, education, shelter, employment opportunities and better standards of living should be open to all without all forms of discrimination ranging of politics to economics.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe, God given human rights should be enjoyed by all not at the pleasure of political parties or man but because all human beings are born free endowed with inalienable rights upon birth.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe, there should be universal suffrage, one man one vote. People should choose their own leaders through democratic free and fair elections.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe leaders should be accountable to the people who elected them into office.
  • In an Independent Zimbabwe, journalist should write and not have people knocking on their doors at night.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe, political activities should not be associated with violence, torture, suffering, rape, abductions, arbitrary arrest, harassment, intimidation, internal displacements, and media oppression.
  • In an independent Zimbabwe, there should carrier open to talent without discrimination on partisan lines
  • In an Independent Zimbabwe and its vision should be shared by all men, women, children; disabled and non disabled, partisan and non partisan. All should be free to openly participate in national events and governance issues that affect the nation at large.

An independent Zimbabwe should be the envy and not a pity among other African nations.

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