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  • Press release on Peace Day
    Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR)
    July 24, 2009

    We are aware of the indaba that took place at the rainbow towers where the three political party leaders, president Mugabe, prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and deputy prime minister Arthur Mutambara addressed the nation celebrating Zimbabwe's 'new found peace and unity'

    As ROHR Zimbabwe we disagree Government's objective which is to urge people to forgive and forget the previous human rights crimes while trotting away from the real need for truth, justice and compensation for victims. This is obviously ZANU PF's idea because it protects them from prosecution and the need to be accountable to what their crimes.

    We believe that peace is likely to remain elusive as long as the status quo described below continues.

    1. Violence against MDC supporters continues.

    2. Threats of violence issued by war veterans and ZANU PF thugs against civil society organizations that disagree with the use of Kariba draft as the basis for constitutional reform in Zimbabwe.

    3. Continued armament and mobilization of militia and youths in rural areas.

    4. Violent invasion and disrespect of property rights at farms around the country at the government's instigation.

    5. The state controlled newspapers, television and radio stations continue broadcasting party propaganda and lies at the expense of the truth.

    6. Those who committed human rights crimes and other atrocities continue to be protected by the state, while the attorney general relentlessly harasses victims of state abductions. To this we refer to human rights activists, journalists, and MDC members abducted and tortured late 2008 on trumped up charges.

    7. As long as the political parties in the inclusive Government remain mistrustful of each other and maintain the logjams preventing full implementation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and subsequently inviting SADC to solve their problems.

    8. As long as the police enforce the law partially depending on who has committed the crime, with those belonging to ZANU PF getting favorable treatment than others.

    9. As long as the government views human rights and democracy as western ideologies those threaten the Nations unity and sovereignty.

    10. The supporters of ZANU PF idol the use of violence as a trade mark of patriotism and tools of recognition and heroism within the party structures.

    11. As long as Mugabe and his bigwigs responsible for various human rights crimes do not publicly admit wrong doing and apologize for the role they played in the Gukurahundi massacre, Operation Murambatsvina, 2008 inter-elections violence and the blood diamonds terror in Chiyadzwa.

    ROHR Zimbabwe has planned a protest march scheduled for Tomorrow Saturday 25 July 2009. People will be wearing black in protest and also in solidarity with victims of yesteryear's political violence. We invite everyone to come and participate in the action.

    Visit the ROHR fact sheet

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