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Tortured MDC activists claim trillions in damages
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
October 12, 2007

Tortured Movement for Democratic Change activists accused by the government of petrol-bombing public institutions in March this year have sued the State for a record 3.8 trillion dollars.

The separate claims for damages by 34 opposition activist arising from unlawful arrest, detention without trial, assault, torture and denial of food as well as medical attention came after the state last week withdrew the charges against them for lack of compelling evidence.

Among those detained for four months, Morgan Komichi, the MDC's deputy organizing secretary, Denis Murira, Paul Madzore, the Member of Parliament for Glenview in Harare, and Ian Makoni, the director of elections were amongst the MDC members who were subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment while in police custody.

In the civil suit prepared by their lawyer Alec Muchadehama, Makoni, Murira and Komichi are each claiming $130 million as damages against the State while Madzore wants the authorities to pay him $110 million.

The MDC activists were said to have attended terrorist training programmes and were responsible for the bombing of a Marimba Police Station among other public institutions.

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