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    Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR)
    June 01, 2007

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    The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) deplores the failure by the Government of Zimbabwe to address the prevailing emergency in the public health sector.

    Inadequate remuneration and unacceptable working conditions for health workers across the country have resulted in a crisis that has left the country's major referral hospitals unable to function. Inadequately remunerated health workers across the country can no longer afford to travel to work and in Harare many other health worker cadres have now joined the nurses in commencing strike action as at 1 June 2007.

    The loss of life and increased morbidity resulting from the absence of health workers at their places of work, whether resulting from inability to pay for transport or from actual strike action, remains the responsibility of the Government with whom the obligation remains to ensure that the right of all Zimbabweans to health care is respected, protected and fulfilled.

    ZADHR considers that it can no longer be said that the health service is 'near collapse.' The emptying of central and other hospitals of staff, and therefore of patients, means the health service HAS collapsed. ZADHR calls upon the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in liaison with other relevant Government departments to attend to the situation and resolve the health worker emergency without delay.

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