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Holding arrested women naked is the most gross and inhumane act by any standard
Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF)
April 23, 2007

ZEF learns with horror and disbelief at the most recent human rights violations aimed at Zimbabwean women whose only crime was to carry placards in protest against the power outages in Zimbabwe intending no harm to anyone. It is someone’s mother who spent hours naked in front of police officials and other prisoners, some young enough to be her sons. The rights of women, the most vulnerable members of our society, are continuously violated in soaring proportions, by the Zimbabwean government, a country once known and admired for its national customary moral values. This conduct by the Zimbabwean security officials is not only infuriating, it is also outrageously insane. This can only be an act of a paranoid government which is even scared of its own shadow.

ZEF pleads with other human rights organizations especially CEDAW to which Zimbabwe acceded on 13 May 1991, to intervene in the plight of Zimbabwean women, who of late are victims of the worst kind of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

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