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  • Right of reply to the UNHRC on the Zimbabwe crisis
    Government of Zimbabwe
    March 14, 2007

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    Mr. President,

    Zimbabwe takes the floor to exercise its right to reply in order to counter the misrepresentation and mischaracterization by Hon Ian McCartney, Minister of the United Kingdom, of the aborted campaign of thuggery and mayhem perpetrated by the MDC opposition in a suburb of Harare on 11th March 2007 and sponsored by the intelligence services of the United Kingdom and its allies to effect a regime change agenda in Zimbabwe.

    The irony is not lost on us that the these sponsors of destruction are the first to condemn the Zimbabwean Government and its law enforcement agents. They are quick to demonstrate public displays of sympathy to the injured perpetrators of violence. Tellingly, the United Kingdom will not offer any sympathy to the injured and hospitalized police officers. The British call a lawless gathering a prayer meeting. Since when are acts of malicious destruction of property, arson, mayhem, erection of barricades across our streets and wielding and throwing teargas canisters at police forms of prayer?

    In civilized countries teargas canisters are the property of law enforcement agencies and not of so called church faithfuls. And we ask who is supplying the opposition with teargas canisters? What other weapons of destruction have they supplied the opposition?

    Let the United Kingdom be informed that we are the true custodians and guardians of the ideals of our liberation struggle and we are determined to remain free from the colonial slave masters for all time. We see through your machinations to re-colonize us. Let me assure you that we will resist you. Pity those of our people you have successfully turned into your puppets through the US$1 million you and your allies donated to the opposition. Zimbabwe will determine its destiny democratically as she has done since independence in 1980 and does not need any lecture from the likes of the United Kingdom who have demonstrated their contempt for a truly free people that we have become. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

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