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  • National Constitutional Assembly youth chairperson murdered
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    March 12, 2007

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    The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) is deeply angered and disturbed at the cold blooded murder of Gift Tandire, our Youth Chairperson for Glenview, Harare, by Harare regime's para-military police deployed to stop thousands of Zimbabweans from attending a mass prayer meeting at Highfield Grounds in Harare. Gift was gunned dead at Mhizha Primary school in Highfields. A number of leaders of the pro-democracy movement, including our National Chairperson, Dr Lovemore Madhuku; National Spokesperson, Madock Chivasa; and all our provinvial chairpersons; and the MDC leadership from both factions were heavily assaulted and remain in detention.

    The meeting had been banned by the Police under the notorious Public Order and Security Act. The prayer meeting was organised under the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, a pro-democracy coalition of which the NCA is a member. He had been part of our youth activists who have and continue to play a critical role in the struggle to establish substantive democracy in the country. His body has since been taken by his butchers, and we are still working, with our legal team, to establish more details about the incidence, in the hope that those responsible and their handlers will be made to account for their heinous deeds.

    We wish to warn those who are working in the agency of the state and under the guise that they are covered by it as they wantonly cause misery to those fighting for freedom, that they will soon bear the consequences of their acts. People's patience is running out. A time is nearing when the masses of our battered people will refuse to just watch and mourn as forces of evil reign. As the NCA we maintain that no self respecting human being should even respect or honor repressive laws or orders. We will continue to defy anything that fouls the very existence of a cvilised people. We will not retreat at the threat of those who have undermined the dignity of our nation and continue to foul the aspirations of the mass of our people.

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