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Arrests of human rights defenders
Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR)
October 27, 2006


  1. 5 Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) were arrested in Bulawayo following demonstrations against the evictions in more than 60 residents of Mabutweni and Iminyela, some of them members, staged a demonstration at the Mpopoma Housing Offices in Bulawayo, around 9am on the 25th of October 2006, including a 75-year old grandmother Thalitha Mthendezi. They were seen being taken to Mpopoma Traffic Police Station. Lawyers are still attending to the women human rights defenders.
  1. 43 people were arrested including 19 students from the National University of Science and Technology and the Bulawayo Polytechnic following demonstration a with intention to hand over a petition at the government offices and the ministry of higher and tertiary education over the high fees and deteriorating learning standards and living conditions at the institutions. Lawyers were denied access to their clients as of yesterday, have only managed to interview 15 of the 19 arrested students. Presently warned and cautioned statements are being recorded from the students. Lawyers are also attending to 24 of the bystanders who were arrested during the demonstration, with an unconfirmed number having opted to pay fine to buy their freedom.


  1. Following a demonstrations which occurred at the University of Zimbabwe on the 19th and 20th of October 2006, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe Professor Levi Nyagura, has suspended 4 Student Representative Council members, including Tineyi Mukweva (President), Sambulo Matema Secretary General, Maureen Kademaunga and Zwelinthini Viki on allegations of inciting the students to demonstration. The students were demonstrating against the catering services which have continued to decline as well as the conditions of the residences which have been without water and properly functioning sewerage and toilet facilities for weeks in end. Lawyers are preparing to challenge the suspensions.
  1. Around 700 am yesterday (25 October 2006) , Sebastian Chinhaire, an HIV and Aids activists was picked up by 3 unidentified man in Warren Park while enroute to town. The 3 men were driving a Mazda/Ford Laser cream car, they offered Sebastian a lift into town, upon embarking and taking off, the 3 introduced themselves as members of the Internal Security, the car was parked at a market close to Harare Central Police station. He was questioned about his involvement with the campaign against the non provision of ARVs and the failure of NAC to discharge their mandate effectively. The men warned Sebastain not to be involved in and to issue subversive statements against the government. Lawyers are on standby incase of any arrests on the activists who are currently gathered at offices of the NAC 100 Central Avenue, Harare

12 students from Masvingo State University (MASU) were arrested following demonstrations on the worsening education conditions and levels, after spending 2 nights in custody 6 of the students opted to pay fine to buy their freedom and the other 6 were expected to appear in court on yet un established charges.

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