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Research on xenophobic events faced by Zimbabwean immigrants - deportees and asylum seekers (South Africa and Botswana)
Zimbabwe Political Victims Association (ZIPOVA)
November 01, 2004

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Since, the beginning of the political and economical crisis in Zimbabwe an estimated 4.5 million people have involuntarily left their beloved country in search of personal security, jobs both of which have become an unforgettable illusion back home.

Europe, America and the SADC countries have become hosts to these fleeing immigrants of professional and non-professionals. The economic and political meltdown is the main motivation and human rights harassment led them to seek political asylum outside their boarders. Now, the exodus is uncontrollable and unstopped as these would-be immigrants use every available and loopholes to skip the borders.

The Human Rights Commissions have dismally failed to fund and communicate with the CSOs which are directly involved with the grassroots immigrants who are terribly affect with Xenophobia .

The Situation
Stringent and harsh immigration visa and passport controls have not reduced the exodus in anyway. Xenophobia, especially in SADC and other European states has manifested itself with impunity. The immigrants and deportation crisis of Zimbabweans has really become a serious social threat to SA and Zimbabwe and it has over spilled and of recent to Mozambique with 400 000, Botswana 700 000, Zambia 300 000, Malawi 100 000, Namibia 100 000, South Africa 2.5million, UK 500 000 elsewhere 200 000.

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