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Use of the army in the maintenance of law and order
Open Letter to Parliament
October 08, 2001

Dear Honourable MP,

We write to you today to raise our concern on the use of the army in the maintenance of law and order. ZimRights has been approached by many people from the different constituencies throughout the country raising their concerns on the use of the army in the maintenance of law and order. A lot of people have suffered in the hands of the army and we feel that you as a member of parliament can intervene on behalf of your constituent. We feel that government should look seriously into this issue and come up with recommendations that would bar the use of the army in the maintenance of law and order. Some people have died and a lot of them have been assaulted and obtained injuries. We feel that this should be put to stop and proper mechanisms be put into place to empower the Police Force to deal with maintenance of law and order.

ZimRights calls upon investigations into alleged human rights abuses by the army and perpetrators be brought to book to account for their actions and those who gave the orders should be reprimanded. We trust that you as a member of parliament will seriously discuss this pertinent issue in paliament and come up with a solution to this negative development in our country. Enclosed with this letter is a report and recommendations compiled by ZimRights on some of the cases reported to us. ZimRights is willing to assist in investigations on further cases to see the extent of this problem. We also know that some Honourable MPs have been victim to this abuse.

We hope ZimRights will be able to have feedback on this issue so that we can adequately inform our clients on what is being done to address this problem.

Sincerely Yours

David Jamali
Acting National Director

CC: Speaker of Parliament
CC: Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
CC: Minister of Home Affairs
CC: Minister of Defence
CC: MDC President
CC: ZANU-PF President and First Secretary
CC: Amani Trust
CC: Human Rights NGO Forum
CC: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
CC: Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association
CC: ZimRights Partners
CC: Amnesty International
CC: African Rights
CC: Human Rights Watch
CC: Federation of Human Rights Defenders
CC: Press
CC: ZimRights National Council

Registered Campaigners for Human Rights in Zimbabwe: W.O. 03/93

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Human Rights Update Volume 1, October 10 2001

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