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Call for Expression of Interest
Zimbabwe National Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (ZNNP+)

Deadline: 29 May 2010 (3pm)

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) to:

(i) Carry out a baseline study for support groups and networks of PLWHIV in Zimbabwe.
(ii) Create a computerised database and operationalise it at national and sub-national level.


The Zimbabwe National Network of PLWHIV (ZNNP+) was founded in 1992 and officially registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in 1999. The organization is a national umbrella body that represents and coordinates the interests and activities of support groups and organizations of People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) throughout Zimbabwe. Under the Global Fund round 8, ZNNP+, as an SSR is responsible for strengthening networks of PLWHIV with technical and management support from ZAN as an SR. Within this grant, a mapping of support groups and organizations of PLWHIV is to be undertaken in year one to establish a baseline of the networks. It is against this background that this EOI call is being made.

The first assignment is to conduct a nationwide baseline study that will establish the number of support groups (SGs) and organization of people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. This baseline study will also define the capacities of these SGs and PLWHIV Organization in order to inform the identification of SGs and PLWHIV organizations that will require technical capacity building from ZNNP+. This baseline will also define the baseline figure for a key output indicator (number of SGs and PLWHIV Organizations with institutional capacity).
The second assignment which will be informed by the baseline survey is the development of computerised database that will house data on SGs and organizations of PLWHIV that are under ZNNP+. This database will be managed at national and sub-national levels.

Both assignments will contribute to achieving objective 7 of the Round 8 HIV Grant i.e. to strengthen mechanisms for coordination, collaboration and accountability among PLWHIV networks in the mainstreaming of MIPA within the national response.


Duration: 25 Days

Specific Activities

  • Development of tools, and pretesting
  • Data collection
  • Data capture, cleaning and analysis
  • Report writing and presentation of findings

Expected Outputs and Deliverables

  • Baseline report showing the capacity of Networks of PLWHIV in terms of the categorized areas.
  • Establishment of the number of support groups and networks of PLWHIV in Zimbabwe
  • Baseline data on other key programme indicators, which will save as a benchmark for assessing progress


Duration of assignment: 15 days

Specific Activities

  • Creation of the computerized database
  • Presentation of database for preview
  • Data capture of baseline information
  • Installation and training of staff/members at provincial level to use database
  • Piloting of database
  • Incorporation of recommendations from the pilot and finalization of database

Expected outputs and deliverables

  • Functional computerized databases installed both at national and provincial level
  • Staff trained in database use and management
  • Database enabling storage and access to information relating to current ZNNP+ network members, support groups, their location inter alia

How to apply

Interested organizations are invited to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to the contacts below. The EOI should include the following information:

  • The organization's name and Contact Information;
  • Task for which the organization is expressing interest in;
  • A profile of the Organization;
  • A description of the Technical Capacity and experience of the organization;
  • A description of the Management and Administrative Capacity of the organization;
  • Proposed strategy, workplan and budget for the task;
  • References for the Organization

EOI should not exceed four pages

Review Criteria

The following is a summary of the selection criteria:

General Organisational Capacity

  • Organization legally established
  • Organization registered / accredited in Zimbabwe
  • Existing office presence in Zimbabwe
  • Current staff base to support the project

Technical Capacity

  • Demonstrated technical capacity of the organization
  • Availability of in-house technical skills
  • Demonstrated technical capacity to successfully manage the project, based on experience on projects of similar scope and scale.

For all Clarifications / Correspondence:

The Programme Manager ZNNP+, 28 Divine Road, Milton Park, Harare

Tel: +263 912 344 982


Visit the ZNNP+ fact sheet

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