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Capacity analysis tools for CBOs, NGOs and networks
AIDS Alliance
December 12, 2007

Building the organisational, HIV technical, and advocacy capacity of civil society organisations is key to planning and delivering high quality responses to HIV.

The Alliance works with its civil society partners to ensure that they have the skills and strategies needed to make effective contributions to national HIV efforts as implementers and supporters of community-based action.

These tools have been developed to support the capacity analysis and capacity development of a variety of civil society organisations:

  • Community-based organisations (CBOs)
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Networks
  • Intermediaries (organisations that support CBOs, NGOs and networks).

They provide structured approaches to the participatory identification of capacity building needs and planning of responses.

They allow users to generate both quantitative and qualitative baselines which can be used to track progress in capacity development.

CBO capacity analysis

A toolkit for assessing and building capacities for high quality responses to HIV. This toolkit was developed to enable community based organisations to analyse levels of capacity in different organizational and technical areas. It can be used with community organisations to identify capacity-building needs, plan any technical support needed by the organisation, and monitor and evaluate the impact of capacity-building support. It is based on a previous toolkit developed under the Communities Responding to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic (CORE) Initiative.

Download this file (Adobe PDF file - 377KB)

Network capacity analysis: A toolkit for assessing and building capacities for high quality responses to HIV - rapid assessment guide

The aim of this toolkit is to build the skills required by civil society networks to develop and strengthen their capacity. It can be used by networks to help identify their capacity building needs, plan technical support interventions, and monitor and evaluate the impact of capacity building. The Rapid assessment guide can be used to plan, steer, and collect outcomes of a meeting or teleconference where, due to specific needs or limited resources, the aim is to do a more rapid capacity analysis. How can you get copies of this toolkit?

Download this file (Adobe PDF file - 498KB)

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