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Rubber motions: Let's check out some facts about condoms
December 07, 2005

Rubbers, effies, raincoats, gloves... the list goes on, call them what you like, but condoms provide the best available protection from pregnancy AND HIV/Aids. If any of you fellas plan on whipping it out you betta wrap it up EVERY TIME.

Before we go there…
You know that the only really safe sex is NO SEX. Okay, so how real is that? Well consider that your odds as a young South African of getting HIV/Aids are among the highest in the world: about 50/50 in fact. If that does not cause you to hold off sex then you have a death wish. When you and your partner are convinced that you have a loving, strong relationship and you want to get sexual – you have to understand that using a condom is the only sure way to avoid HIV/Aids. Don’t be a fool – there are no exemptions – anybody who is sexually active is at risk of HIV/Aids .

Don’t see why I should use a condom…
Condoms stop the "juices" from flowing between lovers during sex. It’s the only contraceptive that protects you from pregnancy, HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Condoms are too small or too tight for me to wear.
Shoo, now you must have a monster inside those pants! A condom can stretch to fit over your fist – so stop kidding yourself. Your dick is not too big for a condom. But different kinds of condoms do feel different – some are ultra thin others are ribbed and designed for greater sexual pleasure. Try out a few and see what kind gives you the ultimate ride!

I feel shy about using a condom for the first time.
Well practice – it is fun – either on your own or with your partner. Roll the condom on your erect penis – make sure it covers the shaft of your penis and that you leave a little space at the end to catch your semen when you ejaculate. Do not pull the condom down so tight over the head of your penis that there is no space for your penis to move because you increase the risk that the condom could burst. When you are done, be sure to remove the condom carefully and dispose of it properly. It’s important to use condoms safely.

What if the condom comes off inside me?
This can happen when your man goes "soft" (loses his erection) while still inside you. Don’t panic, it’s quite easy: just hold the bottom of the condom and gently pull it out. The condom split while my girl and I were having sex. What should we do? If this happens, you need to use emergency contraception within 72 hours (three days), but this is no guarantee that you’re not infected with HIV or another STI; so the two of you still need to get yourself to a clinic and get tested for HIV.

I’m scared if I insist on using a condom, my partner will think I’m being unfaithful.
Using them rubbers shows that you care for both you and your partner. Even if you only get down with each other and no one else, you’re still at risk of getting infected with an STI, HIV/Aids or falling pregnant. Have a serious heart to heart with your partner about this, and if you and your partner have trust issues, then this may mean that they are not the right person for you or they have some skeletons in their closet. Is it better to buy them or are the ones you get free also okay? Free condoms from clinics, doctors’ offices or other places are just as safe as the ones you buy. They all go through the same tests and have to comply with the same standards. The only thing you need to do is check the expiry date.

The Female Condom: what is it and where do we get them?
The female condom is fairly new and not easily available. Some clinics have them and they can be expensive. The female condom goes inside a girl’s vagina and covers the outside lips. It is larger than a male condom. They can give a girl a great sense of freedom and control. You can decide alone that you want to use one and even put it in before sex (it takes some practice) so that it doesn’t delay the action. Some guys prefer the feeling to a male condom. Female condoms come in a packet with pictures that show you how to use them.

For more info, counselling or a full set of loveFacts, call thethaJunction on 0800 121 900. It’s mahala, free! Visit the loveLife website on

Here are some useful tips to help you out:

  • Gents and ladies should carry condoms (you never know when you might need one – quite often sex is not planned!).
  • Check the expiry date on the packet.
  • Use a new one every time the guy comes, so always have a few, just in case – it doesn’t help to use one just the first time round; use a new condom each and every time.
  • You may need some help to slip inside your partner, but only use spit or KY jelly to help lubricate. No Vaseline, baby oil or massage oil; they can cause the condom to split.
  • A long nail or your zip could tear the condom, so be careful.

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