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Interview with Loise Mangwiro of Musasa Project
July 21, 2009

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Read our interview with Sr. Magwisi of the Musasa Project

Loise MangwiroPlease describe your situation before you came to Musasa Project
My situation was horrible. I was like a dying horse. All this was caused by the abuse that was happening to me with my husband.

How did he abuse you?
He abused me physically by beating me.

Did you have children with your husband?

What motivated you to leave that situation with your husband?
My work was deteriorating. I was going to work sometimes for only two days a week, or I wouldn't even manage to go to work. My health was so poor that everyone at work was thinking that I wouldn't last the year; they thought I'd be dead, because my health had changed so much. My status, everything, even my appearance, it seemed as if I was not an educated woman. Listen

What happened when you came to Musasa Project?
I was counseled and then I told them I needed shelter, and when they gave me shelter. In the first three days of my stay there I regained my sense. They advised me to go for testing, which I did and I found that I was HIV positive. I accepted it and I started to live positively with the guidance that I was being given by my counselors at the shelter. Listen

What are you planning on doing in the future now that you're living positively and you're out of a bad situation?
I'm just praying that I'll be able to raise my children. I've got two children, from my previous marriage before I was engaged to this abusive person.

Do you have any words of advice for women who find themselves in a similar situation like you did with your husband?
My only advice is that women, if they are being abused, should not keep it a secret thinking that they are hiding something from their friends. You might die, when your time has not yet come for you to die. And you should know your rights. Listen

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