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  • House passes amendments to Domestic Violence Bill
    The Herald (Zimbabwe)
    December 21, 2006

    The House of Assembly had passed amendments to the Domestic Violence Bill that were effected by Senate two weeks ago.

    The amendments to the Bill incorporate the abuse of disabled persons under the definition of domestic violence and gives jurisdiction to primary courts to deal with cases stemming from the crime.

    Clause 2 of the Bill under the definition of "courts," the words "community court" have been deleted and substituted with "local courts" and the same shall apply wherever the word "community" appears.

    Clause 3 (n) of the Bill has been expanded in defining domestic violence by adding the paragraph "abuse perpetrated on the complainant's physical, mental or sensory disability, including a visual, hearing or speech functional disability of the mind".

    On Clause 19, the word "Committee" has substituted with "Council" in reference of the Domestic Violence Council.

    The amendments that were moved by the Minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa sailed through Senate and now awaits Presidential assent to become law.

    The Bill seeks to give relief and protection to victims of domestic violence.

    It has generated a lot of debate in the House with some legislators mostly women supporting it saying it was overdue while their male counterparts expressed reservations on some provisions which they felt was against cultural values.

    Meanwhile, the House of Assembly has adjourned to February 20, 2007.

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