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Index of articles surrounding the debate of the Domestic Violence Bill
Last updated March 09, 2007

Gazetted February 26, 2007. The Act will not come into force until the President fixes the date of commencement by Statutory Instrument in terms of section 1(2) of the Act, which allows different dates of commencement to be fixed for different provisions.

  • Reports and Legislation
    • 01/11/2006 - Updated Domestic Violence Bill, 2006 (HB 9A, 2006)
    • 30/06/2006 - Domestic Violence Bill, 2006 (HB 9, 2006)
    • 23/03/2004 - Prevention of Domestic Violence and Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence [Draft] Bill, 2003
  • Parliamentary debate modifications
    • 25/10/2006 - Second update on Domestic Violence Bill - Veritas
    • 09/10/2006 - Update on Domestic Violence Bill - Veritas
Chronological listing of reports, statements, news, opinion
Date Title
18/01/2007 Domestic Violence Bill: 2007 and beyond - Fungai Machirori
21/12/2006 House passes amendments to Domestic Violence Bill - The Herald
08/12/2006 "A Woman's Place is in the Home?" - Gender Based Violence & Opposition Politics in Zim - HR Forum
21/11/2006 Domestic Violence Bill slammed - The Herald
08/11/2006 Women legislators ululate as House passes Domestic Bill - The Herald
02/11/2006 Domestic Violence: A few lessons in the law - Catherine Makoni
01/11/2006 Domestic Violence Bill - Will it free women? - International Video Fair
26/10/2006 Debate on the Domestic Violence Bill - MMPZ
25/10/2006 Second update on Domestic Violence Bill - Veritas
20/10/2006 Domestic Violence Bill must pass through unopposed - Janah Ncube
20/10/2006 Jealousy and possessiveness in the Domestic Violence Bill - The Zimbabwe Independent
20/10/2006 SAHRIT statement on the Zimbabwe Domestic Violence Bill
20/10/2006 Domestic Violence Bill stirs fiery debate - The Zimbabwe Independent
19/10/2006 Domestic Violence Bill: A very good law - Bornwell Chakaodza
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