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  • Press release by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on the 2013 general elections
    Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
    August 01, 2013

    ZEC was scheduled to have a press conference at 11am at the HICC Command Centre. This was then delayed and eventually cancelled. After cancellation ZEC then provided journalists with a press statement.

    Today the 1st August, 2013, is day 1 after the conduct of poll by most Zimbabweans. Polling stations closed at the stipulated time of 1900 hours with a few closing later than the stipulated time largely because there were still voters waiting to be processed at the time of closure or because the polling stations had opened late. In terms of the law, polling stations should open continuously from 7am to 7pm on polling day. However, section 53(3) of the Electoral Act allows the presiding officer to allow all persons in the queue by the time of closure of the polling station to cast their ballots. The Commission, therefore, believes that all voters who wanted to vote and were in the queue at the time of closure of the polling stations were all served.

    Attached to this Press Release is a summary of polling stations that closed late and the reasons thereof:

    Counting at all polling stations commenced soon after the closure of voting. The Commission has received reports that counting has been completed at polling station level and collation has commenced at ward and constituency level.

    We shall give you these results as these come in.

    The Commission is also receiving reports that there was a large voter-out throughout the country. The Commission is compiling these statistics and will give you more updates on voter turnout as it continues to receive information from the provinces. The only report received to date from Manicaland province indicates that about 290 303 voters turned out to vote.

    The Commission would like to thank the people of Zimbabwe for the peace and tranquility that has prevailed throughout the country during this period and urges you to maintain this atmosphere even after declaration of results.

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