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  • ZESN to deploy more than 7,000 citizen observers
    Zimbabwe Election Support Network
    July 30, 2013

    The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) has deployed over 7,000 trained and accredited citizen observers to every province and in all the 210 constituencies for the Harmonised Elections to be held on 31 July 2013. ZESN is deploying observers despite some serious challenges during the pre-election process. ZESN encourages all registered voters to go out and vote tomorrow given the current relative calm and peace in the country.

    “For elections to be credible, however, they must be more than just peaceful. At a minimum, citizens must have a n equal chance to register to vote; to inform themselves about all the candidates; to cast their ballot free from fear and for their votes to be properly counted,” said Dr. Solmon Zwana ZESN Chair.

    ZESN places a lot of importance in the role of election observers as they play an integral part in enhancing transparency and credibility of elections and the acceptance of the results. ZESN has been consistent over the years in the deployment of observers to observe all electoral processes. Since the proclamation of the July 31 election date, ZESN observers have observed the Nomination Court Process, the Mobile Voter Registration Exercise and the Special Voting process, raising issues needed to be addressed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

    “ZESN citizen observers will be at polling stations in every corner of the country to help safeguard the process – so that all eligible citizens can vote and that their votes are properly counted,” said ZESN Chair Dr. Zwana.

    All ZESN citizen observers have been accredited by the Zimbabwe Elect oral Commission (ZEC); have attended a training session on election observation and have pledged to behave at all times in a non-partisan manner and to adhere to both ZEC’s and ZESN’s Code s of Conduct in the observation of elections.

    ZESN notes with concern the challenges faced with voter registration and logistical problems during the special voting process, unequal coverage by state media and harassment of civil society.

    It is impossible for ZEC to address some of the outstanding issues with only a day before the polls ZESN however, encourages all eligible voters, regardless of political affiliation to peacefully exercise their right to vote as enshrined in Zimbabwe’s Constitution.

    All registered voters are urged to check ZEC’s recently published list of polling stations in the print media to locate their nearest polling stations.

    ZESN has set up hotlines for citizens to share their views and comments about the Harmonised Elections. The contact numbers will be: 0771692029, and 0771692032. Citizens can also participate on our social media platforms; and Twitter handle: #ZESN1.

    ZESN will be issuing updates on the entire process and will issue its Preliminary Statement on the Harmonised Elections on Thursday 01 August at a time to be advised.

    About ZESN

    ZESN was established in 2000. It is a coalition of 31 non-governmental organisations formed to co-ordinate activities pertaining to elections. The major focus of the Network is to promote democratic processes in general and free and fair elections in particular. ZESN has observed every election and by-election in Zimbabwe since the 2000 parliamentary elections.

    ZESN conducts its observation efforts in conformity with the Declaration of Global Principles for Citizen Election Observation and Monitoring which was launched at the United Nations on 03 April 2012 as well as the Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation in the SADC Region (PEMMO).

    Visit the ZESN fact sheet

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