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  • Mudede must give voters' roll to Zec: MDC
    Fungi Kwaramba, Daily News
    July 23, 2013

    Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has demanded that the Registrar of Voters Tobaiwa Mudede hands over the voters roll to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

    MDC’s secretary-general Tendai Biti told the Daily News Mudede must hand the “discredited” voters’ roll to Zec so as to prevent further tampering with the crucial document ahead of crunch polls.

    “We have frightening figures of some half a million people said to be 100 years old as well as some 1 million dead people still on the roll,” Biti said.

    “It is also now a fact that is known all over that the notorious Israeli company Nikuv that has been working with Mudede has helped them create four different voters rolls.”

    He said since voter registration closed two weeks ago, Mudede must now surrender the roll that will be used for the elections to Zec.

    “Political parties participating in the elections must then be allowed to inspect and audit the voters’ roll and then sign off the one that will be used for the elections,” Biti said.

    “We are aware of the shenanigans around the voters’ roll. It is the new theatre of vote rigging. “Zec also has an obligation to provide to political parties a copy of the voters’ roll that is in analysable form.”

    A detailed research by think-tank Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) claimed nearly two million potential voters below 30 years are unregistered, 63 constituencies have more registered voters than the people staying in the constituencies, 41 constituencies deviate from the average number of voters per constituency by more than the permitted 20 percent.

    “As a party, the MDC has since written to Zec and Sadc highlighting these gross anomalies,” the Harare East legislator said.

    “We believe that if Zimbabwe had to go through the election, it will produce a sham result as the elections will not be held under free, fair and credible conditions.”

    Mudede yesterday told a news conference that a total of 6,4 million voters are eligible to vote in this year’s harmonised elections.

    The Registrar General of Voters claimed rigging through the voters’ roll was “impossible.”

    He said during the voter registration exercise that ended on July 9, 747 928 new voters were registered while 234 000 voters transferred from their original to other wards.

    He said printing of the voters’ roll was in progress and the register will be distributed to all polling stations.

    Mudede said a total of 860 389 people inspected the voters’ roll while 492 429 national identity cards were issued during the voter registration.

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