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    Election Resource Centre
    April 17, 2013

    The Election Resource Centre joins the rest of the nation in celebrating 33 years of independence in Zimbabwe. The date marks a commemoration of the shared sweat and sacrifice made by the gallant sons and daughters who fought an armed struggle to liberate the nation from colonial and repressive bondage. The intention was to achieve total freedom in all respects which include but are not limited to political, economic and social participation. More importantly was to attain universal suffrage which is exercised through one woman/man - one vote.

    Our pre-independence historic epoch details the lack of freeness in a host of issues relating to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, movement, political association, freedom to choose, equality and justice.

    Independence principally restored these fundamental freedoms through legal and constitutional provisions.

    However, the country has been marred with negative political developments manifesting through disputed elections, constricted democratic space, political intolerance, voter apathy, violence and lack of fundamental freedoms with young people and women bearing the brunt. Electoral processes and chiefly elections remains among one of the critical vehicles used to measure the upholding and realization of such freedoms. The Election Resource Centre congratulates Zimbabwe for achieving the feet of holding regular and periodic elections since attaining independence. Nonetheless, the existing political and legal landscape cavities the fruits of independence. The nation should seek to achieve the holding of undisputed and violence free elections with the aim to bring back the spectacle and solemnity associated with the 1980 independence celebrations.

    On the other hand, it is of importance to note the positive strides Zimbabwe as a nation has attained working towards restoration of the aims and gains of independence. The Government of National Unity (GNU) which was consummated in 2009 with an intention to provide political stability is one major step. The recently approved draft constitution a home grown product of the GNU is one key cornerstone to achieving the objectives of independence.

    Given the above, let us continue cherishing each Zimbabwean’s voting right which we attained through a protracted struggle for independence by;

    • Holding of free and fair elections which shall be the basis for those who seek to govern.
    • Recognize, uphold and respect all the fundamental freedoms and the right to life.
    • Eradicate all forms of violence and discrimination.
    • Promote political tolerance and celebrate political plurality.

    The Election Resource Centre ends by congratulating all those working towards the realization of the ideals of the struggle for independence. As the nation cherishes the fruits of independence the year of voting is upon us, celebrate independence by registering to vote and voting in the next elections!

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