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Response to Daily News article - Police ban radios
Zimbabwe Election Support Network
February 20, 2013

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) has learnt with shock the report by the Daily News article, 20 February 2013, that ZESN is among NGOs that are distributing radios in areas where they are carrying civic education. The paper further alleged that, "The shock move to ban radios came as police raided ZESN offices in Harare and Masvingo, where radios and other gadgets were confiscated." The statements in the paper are not accurate and ZESN is concerned by the perceptions that this article may create.

The organization categorically states that the police did not find the organization in possession of any radios or communication gadgets. The organization further states that in Masvingo, it was a break-in where 8 boardroom chairs, several T-shirts, a printer and a computer were taken. The organization has since reported the break-in to Masvingo Central Police Station who are claiming to be investigating the matter.

ZESN notes that the three journalists who covered the story did not bother to verify what had transpired with ZESN officials. ZESN therefore demands that the newspaper retracts its article and seek factual information from the organization. The article is inflammatory and provocative to the organization can be seen as an attempt to undermine the work of the organization. ZESN reiterates that, given the current political situation in the country, the misinformation may have negative repercussions on the work of the network and its members.

ZESN remains determined in its work to promote democratic elections in Zimbabwe. The organization is also committed to remain impartial in the conduct of its work.

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